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67 El Makrizy Street
Heliopolis 11341 Cairo, Egypt

(+2) 02 2257 8514
(+2) 012 365 1523
Fax: (+2) 02 2257 8514
Your Office in Egypt Main Package

Main Package Price

Your office in Egypt will allow you to have the following:

 1. Permanent address in Egypt:

Reduces the cost of communicating with your current and prospected clients and serving Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

An attractive sign with your logo will appear on the entrance of
your office in Egypt.

 2. Dedicated Phone:
A Phone number in Egypt and a telephone equipment will be dedicated solely for your company.
 3. Dedicated Fax:
A Fax number in Egypt as well as a fax machine will be dedicated solely for your company.
 4. E-Mail Address:
You will have the privilege of an e-mail address for your office in Egypt that will be forwarded at the mean time to your original e-mail address.
 5. Internet Web Page:
An Internet web page will be created containing your targeted products to the region including all your regional contacts.

The page will be ready for any updates

 6. Qualified Personnel:
Our qualified and professional staff will act exactly as your company's personnel and will follow your instructions under complete supervision of HIBA's partners.
Our Services include and not limited to secretarial services for highest level executives; manages the clerical activities of the office, and relieves the executive of details.
 7. Printings:
All correspondences with your prospected clients will be on your letterhead of your office in Egypt.
 8. Shared Computer and Peripherals:
We will provide you with a virtual computer and a scanner for your company's use.

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