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67 El Makrizy Street
Heliopolis 11341 Cairo, Egypt

(+2) 02 2257 8514
(+2) 012 365 1523
Fax: (+2) 02 2257 8514
is one of Egypt's most respected public relations agencies. We are privileged to have a roster of blue chip clients throughout the country and around the world.
We offer a comprehensive range of PR services with an approach that is fresh, creative and committed. In execution, our work is distinguished by thorough attention to detail. 
Our services include corporate PR, financial communications, media relations, event management, market research among others. We have extensive experience in communicating to a wide audience: corporates, trade, media, analysts, brokers, fund managers, investors, etc.

has a strong network of media and PR consultants in Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm El Sheikh. No other PR agency in Egypt can give you the reach that we can.

Most firms choose to set up a representative office in order to gain experience and acquire a better understanding of the size and potential of the market in Egypt. They use this representative office to lay out their long term goals and oversee their other business operations or joint ventures in Egypt. Our mission, as a representative office, is to act as a liaison between the home office and trade organizations or related industries in Egypt.

We offer also experie
nced and affordable patent preparation, filing and prosecution for  Intellectual Property that includes trade marks, designs, patents and copyrights that protects your invention for many years to come.

Our mechanics, screening procedures, and expertise diversity, have allowed us to build successful long-term relationships with our clients.

We have more than 20 years experience in introducing new companies and products to the Egyptian market. We are eager to represent you and introduce your products to our market. By having us as your esentative you can enjoy all the previliges of having your own full operating liasion office in Cairo but at a fraction of the cost.
Please do not hesitate to write us for details.