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67 El Makrizy Street
Heliopolis 11341 Cairo, Egypt

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Your office in Egypt

Avoid the enormous cost of opening, establishing and maintaining an office in Egypt for operating and expanding your business not only in Egypt but also in the region (North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf area).
has been successfully serving  fortune tens of companies, with high quality services, for almost seventeen years. We provide services to a wide range of industries.
Opening your office in Egypt helps you to have a permanent representative in the region.
The cost of the premises, staff remuneration and other over heads are considered the major problems to have an office in any location.
has the necessary infrastructure such as office, phone, fax, computer, e-mail, and professional staff to act as your office in Egypt at the fraction of the cost.

Your Office in Egypt will let you have the ability to market your products and services in Egypt and the region without the need for Egypt based physical office and employees.

Your office in Egypt will allow you to have the following:

Main Package Price

A permanent address in Egypt.
Dedicated Phone number and equipment.
Dedicated Fax number and equipment.
Dedicated e-mail for your office in Egypt.
A complete web page for your branch in Egypt.
Qualified personnel.
All your letterhead will be available for all correspondences with
your prospected clients.
Shared computer and scanner.

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will also be able to provide you with the following services:


Tenders Alert.
Professional Market Research.
Trade Exhibitions and Fairs.
Bulk E-Mail, Mail and Fax Broadcasting to your potential Customers.
Arranging your appointments and itineraries when visiting
the region.
Distributing your Catalogues, Leaflets and samples to your
potential customers Instead of sending your samples to each one
of them.
Official and legal representative in Egypt including Patent and
Trademark Attorney.
Any specific needs or requirements.

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